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Sidekick is a value-add venture capital firm that invests in early-stage startups and focuses on the consumer and technology sectors. The Sidekick community members have deep networks and are based primarily in New York, Texas, and California. Our members fall into three main buckets: successful entrepreneurs, private equity executives, and Fortune 100 executives. Our community is excited to provide strategic value every step of the way.


Blair Walker

Director of Communications

Enar Garcia Pina

Junior Accountant

Josh Haberman

Investment Associate

Walton Ward


Dylan Schuler


Eric Hardy

Director of Finance

Ryan Peslis

Investment Associate


"Sidekick should be at the top of your list of venture partners. Good people and incredible connections."

"The team at Sidekick is unrivaled. Founder friendly, thoughtful, and incredible strategic value. Sidekick was our first phone call if we needed anything, and the team always delivered. Only after we partnered did I grasp the depth and reach of the Sidekick community and the many ways it could help."

— Justin Woolverton (top) & Doug Bouton (bottom)

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