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We invest in Consumer & Technology companies.

See what it's like to grow with us!

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Justin Woolverton & Doug Bouton

"Sidekick should be at the top of your list of venture partners. Good people and incredible connections." -Justin Woolverton

"The team at Sidekick is unrivaled. Founder friendly, thoughtful, and incredible strategic value. Sidekick was our first phone call if we needed anything, and the team always delivered. Only after we partnered did I grasp the depth and reach of the Sidekick community and the many ways it could help." -Doug Bouton

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Jamie Siminoff

"Sidekick is a very different fund as its base of capital is almost all other founders. They understand how to speak to founders and help us because they themselves are founders."

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(Formerly Everlywell)

Julia Cheek

"Sidekick cares deeply about entrepreneurs and is always ready to help. I highly recommend them to any aspiring entrepreneur."


Jason Lee

"It’s rare to find investors who will deliver on exactly what they promise. Sidekick is that rare exception. I would tell any founder to partner with them, and then to do it again."


Kimberley Ho & Huang Lee

"Sidekick was our first VC backer. After several rounds and many investors, they remain one of our most value-add investors. Sidekick has an undeniable track record in early stage investing, and its credentials in later stage finance proved invaluable as we navigated subsequent rounds. I think what has been unique about Sidekick vis a vis most other funds is the number of experts on their team that span industries – allowing founders access to partners at growth equity and private equity funds, as well as other successful entrepreneurs who are ready to offer operational advice when needed. That rare combination of real finance and operational value-add is harder to find than one might think. Above all else, Sidekick as a team and fund are comprised of very nice and truly decent people, which matters tremendously at the end of the day."

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Jared Kugel

"When most investors didn't understand my vision, Sidekick was one of our biggest fans since launch. With them I gained an investor, thought partner, and mentor. This is a special group of people far beyond a check. They always make time for me to bounce ideas off of, which is invaluable since I am a solo founder. I consider myself lucky to have such great partners by my side."

Tire Agent
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Andrea Lisbona

"We are in the industry of hand sanitizers, which prior to the pandemic was a highly commoditized industry with diminished perceived value. As a brand looking to disrupt this industry we were on the hunt for partners that could understand vision and support us in disrupting a highly antiquated industry - all in the name of making the world a healthier place. Sidekick recognized our vision immediately and supported us by being one of our first investors and a true value-add partner. They have worked alongside our team to facilitate worthwhile introductions and to expand our brand footprint. Sidekick is more than just an investor to Touchland.  They are true strategic partners who care about our team. They are a group of true professionals, and our brand has absolutely benefited from the partnership."


Madeline Haydon

"Sidekick joined us as an early investor in nutpods and has been a valuable, supportive partner. They are encouraging, inquisitive and often have an interesting perspective to add. We are proud to continue to grow our partnership with Sidekick to now being investors in them since we have intimate, first hand knowledge of how they work with their portfolio companies."


Taylor Burton

"All capital is not created equal and the support from the Sidekick team Till has received to date proves that. Writing a check is the easy part...after the funds were shipped is what makes them an easy add to any funding round. Having an LP base made up of over 100 founders that they can tap for strategic guidance is invaluable. Cherry on top is they move fast and refuse to waste your time. 10/10 would take money from again."


Gabriella Yitkzhaek

"Sidekick has been a stellar partner for us as we dive into scaling our team, developing our product, and our general strategy. We are continuing to grow our partnership with Sidekick, who has supported us early on and also as we continue to scale. The team has become friends to us and are great sounding boards as we need to navigate startup life!"

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Michael Bridge & Charlie Tafoya

"Sidekick provides a substantially differentiated network that adds value far beyond just capital."
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Justin Holland

"Sidekick and the team continue to be one of the few venture investors I have worked with that strives to add value with every interaction, whether commercially, or internally. They are truly one of the best options for early money into your venture."


Gareth Hewitt &  Jamie Nascimento

"Since the very first meeting with Sidekick, we were excited to have them as our partner. They have moved fast on decisions, while providing insightful and strategic guidance, which has enabled us to move quicker and focus on growing the company to our vision. This has only been surpassed by their people. They’re highly collaborative, with a kind and supportive approach."

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George Milton & Erin Link

"We had several options when raising capital, and we're so thrilled to have met Sidekick when we did! Much more than writing a check and stepping away, they have stayed involved when needed and given space when needed. They have always been helpful with strategic introductions, and their vast network of entrepreneurs, executives, and operators has been a boon. They truly believed in us and in our vision, and we're honored to have them as investors and friends."


Samy Kobrosly

"Sidekick understood us from the beginning and not only believed in our crazy concept called Snacklins, but got down and dirty to help us grow and realize goals. Working alongside Sidekick has propelled Snacklins in a smart and meaningful way, that not only grew the company, but grew us in the right way."


Gina Nebesar

"Sidekick is a gem in the investment community. The team is incredibly thoughtful and I’ve truly enjoyed collaborating with them. I also appreciate their approach to evaluating new companies and founders. They have an efficient process and are very respectful of every founder’s vision, progress, and time. Highly recommend this lovely group to any founder looking for early stage capital!"

Lindon Gao

"The Sidekick team adds value not just with capital, but with their breadth of connections in the retail space. They are also very understanding of entrepreneurs and supportive of our journey along the way." 

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